New online store for VaseWorks

Welcome to our online store, yes we've taken the plunge and decided to make our goods available online!

After many years distributing our glassware at Charity Fairs and Christmas shows, we have to say primarily in response to requests from our customers, finally we're here. We hope that you enjoy being able to buy and get in touch with us whenever you want rather than just face to face.

We welcome your photos. comments and input by email at and promise to get back to you promptly.

We'll keep you up to date with the shows we will be attending during the year. We are also going to try and get to some of the summer shows but have already added a number of new shows and locations for the autumn period.

You can now buy a new range of contents for your vases as well as replace your burnt out candles.  

If there are things you would like to see us add to our range please let us know and we'll see if we can source them.

Thanks for looking and reading!


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  • Hi,

    we saw you at Kingston Maurward Christmas fair a couple of weeks ago and purchased a small and large Hurricane Vase the small with seaside mix and the large with the winter mix. We really like them.
    However, you had to send them by post as you had run out of stuck on the Sunday when we met you and unfortunately
    the large hurricane vase was smashed to bits when we received it, the small one was fine.
    Is there anything you can do please?
    I have taken a photograph of it still in its box as it is too broken to remove. I will happily send you a photo of it
    to prove the problem.

    So sorry to bother you with this but hope we can work something out,

    Kind Regards,

    Lee Partridge.
    ps I cannot find an e-mail address or phone number to contact you and os this was the only way!!! Apologies.

    • Lee Partridge
  • Hi, I purchased a large round vase today at Compton Marblings and have just taken it out of its box only to discover that it has a large chip in the bottom, I suspect it is a manufacturing fault. I will email you a photo of this.

    Sorry about this.

    Best wishes

    Heather Marrow

    • Mrs. Heather marrow