About Us

VaseWorks have been selling their products for over 14 years now via Christmas and Charity Fairs such as Spirit of Christmas, the Mary Howard Fairs and the NSPCC Fair at Castle Howard as well as a host of other charity fairs up and down the country. You may even have seen us or met us in the past.

Please look at our events page for details of where we will be in 2017.


VaseWorks at Castle Howard 2013

VaseWorks was started by Shona Lockyer, selling at events held in friends' homes. She then tested the products at a couple of small local charity events and was amazed at the response!

We now have a year round business with a loyal and growing customer base and Shona's husband Philip is also involved in the business.



The business is based out of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and whilst still supporting Charity Fairs around the country in response to requests from our customers we have decided to open an online shop.

We are gradually expanding our range whilst maintaining the quality.