Helpful Hints and Tips

  • Open the bag of sand over the vase in case of spillage. Try to pour into the middle of the vase it's easier than cleaning the sides!
  • If you buy additional sand make sure it is kiln dried to avoid damp sand sticking to the sides or worse scratching the glass. )you can always contact us if you need more it's just a bit expensive to ship).
  • When changing the contents of the vase empty the contents into a sieve and collect the sand to reuse.
  • Before you add contents, you might want to polish the vase with some spray glass cleaner (any brand) and kitchen roll.
  • During the life of the candle, you may want to trim it. Wait until it has been burning for some time, extinguish it, then wait for it to be still warm but any liquid wax is semi-solidified. Remove from the vase and then trim the rim with scissors, but leaving a ʻlipʼ so the liquid wax doesnʼt run down the sides.
  • Avoid blowing the candles out as this can cause the liquid wax to splash onto the side of the vase. Use a snuffer, if you don't have one, a shot glass or juice glass held over the wick until the flame is out works well. 
  • If you have wax on your vase click this link to see ideas of how to remove it 

Multi-Wick Candles

How to care for and get the best from your candle!

We recommend burning your candle for at least an hour and no longer than four hours. You should also not relight it within 45 minutes. This will ensure the wax burns in an even layer and that it is completely cooled before you relight your candle.

You should also trim the wick down to around 0.5- 1cm above the wax before you relight it, in order to control the size of the flame (we nip the top of the wick with tissue paper to remove any sooty build up, then we trim the wick with scissors).

Following these instructions will give you the best results and help you get the most out of your candle.

Once the candle has burned down, put the bowl in a warm place (e.g. the top of an Aga or a warm - not hot - oven) and clear any wax left in the base by wiping the warm melted wax with kitchen roll/tissue, then wash in warm soapy water. Your bowl will then be available to reuse!

Visit our website ( for ideas on how to reuse your bowl, but remember that due to the small amount of lead used in the glazing process, it is not suitable for food use.